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Our latest winner!

Deserving. Trust us.

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The scenic route - piñon Peach

Our 10th Anniversary Flavor

hitch a ride

10 years on this road

Read our Road Log entry about the last 10 years and cry along with us.

Read about the Scenic Route

Rosemary Apricot Żubrówka

the mystical apricot meets polish bison grass

meet the new girl in town

Colo. Whiskey Peach

the one and only.

Taste the OG

Cocktail Cherries

small batch, organic north american craft cherries

learn more

Winter fruit salad

celebrate the seasons fresh fruit with a little bit of spice

recipe here

cake for breakfast

try this gluten free applesauce cake

recipe here

A Winter Sueño

cocktail featuring our new cherries!


Whiskey peach milkshake

Hold onto the last of summer with this treat

see the recipe

Love Yourself granola

a recipe for a perfect granola featuring our winter seasonal absinthe orange

recipe here

Spiced molasses chocolate chocolate chunk cookie

with absinthe orange deliciousness cream

recipe here

First Fruits Organic Farm - partner profile

our partner for peaches, apples, and cherries gives us an interview

read road log post


RedCamper believes life should just be a summertime roadtrip, forever. From the cooler packed with fresh local cheeses and charcuterie, to snapshots of squirrels on picnic tables telling jokes, to swerving onto the shoulder to stop at a roadside stand for fresh fruit, everything we make or do is about that….Summertime Preserved.  

Creating ethically and sustainably produced products that celebrate adventuring the world abroad.

About RedCamper

Founded in 2004 RedCamper started out as a quirky 35mm slide handbag company. Over the years we evolved to making greeting cards from found vintage travel images and notebooks & journals under the now closed USHWY89 line, and now currently produce gourmet preserves and mostardas perfect for picnicking under the RedCamper Picnic Supply line.

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"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness." - mark twain

Simple healthy breakfast

probiotics, B12, protein, antioxidants and controlled sugar

even a 1st grader can make this...

basic cheese board

don't be scared, we'll show you how

see the perfect board

ORANGE pineapple black fried rice

heirloom rice, leafy greens, root vegetables and a dash of sweet

gorgeous and tasty - recipe here

strawberry basil fields forever

when you are dreaming of summer days

View recipes

orange chocolate flourless cake

so, so good

View recipes

Chili orange duck buns

we'll make you look real good

learn how

Whiskey Peach Deliciousness

How many ways do we love you so?

see it


with absinthe orange cream

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"nothing behind me, everything ahead of me. as is ever so on the road."

-jack kerouac


words from customers

"I just came back from Albuquerque, N.M. visiting some friends. We were sitting out on their patio overlooking the city (they live at the base of the Sandia Mountains). His wife brought out the Tequila Jalapeno with tortilla chips and said try this. I was hooked after that." - Tony, TX

View Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness

words from customers

"Super amazing people making super amazing products!" - Andy, CO

view the super amazing products

words from customers

"Woah!! That stuff is no joke!! Hot as the devil's @$$hole but has a taste that keeps bringing you back hahaha!!" -Alex, Denver

view the jar that's not joking


"I appreciate that you guys stick to your model of only using Colorado peaches rather than sourcing them from somewhere else in the world. I am sure it will make it taste all that much better next season." - Brent, CO

Oh those colorado peaches.....

words from customers

It (Piñon Cherry Deliciousness) is delicious and I am so happy that I purchased a couple of jars! It paired extremely well with a goat chèvre from Avalanche Cheese, Elevation Charcuteries Mole Salami and a nice bottle of Frico Rosso (with hints of cherries). - Eric S Denver, CO

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