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A New Year, A New Journey. Or 3, or 4.

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As you know we closed our Wash Park pop-up store of just over a year. It was far more difficult than I ever imagined it to be, to close. It was a long time dream to have a small shop and I re-discovered aspects of RedCamper, and myself that were long buried. Such a joy having a communal space, an oasis of things that were beautiful and tasty and the conversations and connections that happened in that span of a year were really meaningful. Those of you that came by, thank you. Those of you that feel into it and loved what you saw, thank you. Those of you that made suggestions, thank you. It was a wonderful experience. Alas, business is numbers and we couldn't make the new lease numbers work and with great sadness left the space the 2nd week of January. I don't miss being asked when the bread would arrive, but I do miss nearly everything else. :) Maybe we will try again one day. 

red camper popup shop

As we shifted back to a primarily wholesale model, we also fully shifted our kitchen and shipping space from Denver, to our sweet little cornfield school cafeteria kitchen in Boone. We are fully FDA inspected and moved in. The commute is a challenge but the respite of walking out the doors into the heart of agricultural land is pretty fulfilling. Watching the farms change daily in what looks to be some sort of unified march towards the new planting season while also providing food and space for cows and birds alike is fascinating. I have loved this aspect of the move. But I really needed a break. 


So, after 3 pretty punishing years I took a vacation. To Costa Rica, land of the leather and wood rocking chairs as I've always thought of it, a result of a souvenir of Costa Rican travels by my grandparents, Gram & Lu, that was a centerpiece in my childhood home. Turns out they still make them there. Costa Rica, for all the tourism it gets, is a pretty serene and magical place. So much nature. Manarays and howler monkeys and crabs and toucans and I can't wait to go back.

After 2 weeks of an incredibly refreshing break in nature I returned home to snow and a mountain of Cocktail Cherry orders. :) 

Before I knew it, it was time to lift off again and head out to San Francisco for a small trade show and ceremony for the Good Food Awards. We had won a 3rd Good Food Award, this time for our Pueblo Chile Peach.

There I am, in the middle. Not standing too much like a lady. Guess I'm out of practice. It was a thrill and an honor though, truly, to finally win in this category. It's a tough one and there are some really great makers producing some outstanding preserves. I'm always humbled and frankly blown away by the talent and creations of other Good Food Award winners. Just incredible. So many cheesemakers, crackers, chocolate, relish, spirits, every food you can imagine, made with impeccable care about sourcing, taste and ethics. The true cream of the crop of food makers in America.

While in San Fran Carlos got to see the ocean for the first time, a blustery kite surfers paradise that day, Lucy and I went to the MoMA for an incredibly inspiring afternoon, we ate incredible food and drank a few too many cocktails, we walked miles and miles and saw the best and worst of what that city has to offer. Always a good time San Fran. Thank you. 

Now...back in the saddle. After all this travel I'm a bit travel bug bitten and can't wait for the next trip. And I don't mean the commute from Denver to Pueblo, which can have it's finer moments admittedly. 

For now, signing off. Happy Spring and I hope everyone out there is also doing some planning for the next trip. 

xoMaura g




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