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Preserve...heritage, place, identity, cultural awareness, and of course.... sweet, sweet fruit.

From the beginning RedCamper has been about honoring place, preserving heritage & culture, and building awareness of the unique qualities of every corner of this beautiful earth. With both our product lines we are proud to say everything is original, ethically sourced or manufactured, and thoughtfully created. We aim to be as responsible to our fellow humans and our planet as we possibly can. 


If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best

We have some great relationships with local farmers, especially First Fruits, that provide us the perfect organic fruit & chilies for our Peach, Apple and Pear flavors, and are working on forging new relationships with other fruit growers. All of our spirits partners are best in class local producers, and we humanely and ethically source our spices, and some of our ingredients like limes & jalapeños from developing countries that can certainly use an economic boost. In all cases we use non-gmo ingredients and are working hard to move to a fully organic ingredient list sourced from regenerative and sustainable suppliers. We are 75% of the way there. We support our local economy, but also believe a strong world economy is critical to a positive future for humankind. The rising tide lifts all boats. 


Do things right. Sleep well at night. 

Handcrafted and small batch have become loose terms used by giant manufacturers now, but we live and breathe it. Every batch of Deliciousness is hand chopped, zested, pitted, squeezed and stirred, than hand poured, jar by jar. 8 years in we still haven't compromised our ideals of honoring the fruit, and the long journey it's had to get to us. We believe in making products with care, and with the best ingredients we can source, and use prep and cooking techniques that are specific to the end taste and texture and aesthetic that we believe defines our products as superior to the standard grocery store preserve. We believe in using fruit at its prime and producing with the rhythms of seasons. We believe in crafting a combination of flavors that is unexpected and memorable enough that we become the bar of measurement from the time you taste our recipes, forever forward. We believe in sustainable farming, heritage ingredients, and celebrating the uniqueness of regions through the terroir of their grown fruits and spices. We believe in doing things right. Right for your health, right for our suppliers livelihood, right for the earth, right for the future.

We are proud to be two time recipients of the Good Food Award for our efforts and we adhere by the Slow Food movements morals and principles. 

Thank you for helping us create something we believe in.