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About Us

We love summertime here at RedCamper. So much so we do everything we can to bottle up every ray of sunshine for year round consumption. We celebrate road trips, picnics, place, people and storytelling through a specialty food line called Deliciousness, premier cheeseboard and picnic basket ready handcrafted, small batch preserves and mostardas that are a result of over two decades of home preserving, a county fair blue ribbon and a lifetime of love for small farms, roadside stands and back seat sandwiches. Our newest addition to the family is our line of artisanal crafted cocktail cherries. 

Our story started many years ago in the back of a pickup truck with a redcamper headed to, anywhere. With the spirit of travel and adventure bred into the genes of my parents, Jane and Wayne, they packed up the family, some teepee poles, a bunch of books, loads of film, a few maps, and they headed out for some story making... started before that..the story started with Gram and Lu, Wayne's mom and dad, my grandparents, who made travel, a lifestyle, globetrotting around with their black and white flowered suitcases filled with rolled up underwear, coordinating outfits and rolls and rolls of slide film. Their determination to document and share every moment of those experiences with friends and family back home was ingrained deeply after hours of slideshow watching on the floor of their home as a child. But it wasn't just adventure, it was humor too. A Gram trademark, every slideshow was punctuated by several naked lady slides strategically placed into the show to be sure we were paying attention.

Travel. Be aware. Document. Share. Connect. And make up a great story while you are at it. That's what RedCamper was born of, and believes in. Our original product was the original 35mm slide tote made of original travel snapshots, (launched in 2004 and ended in 2011), which evolved into the USHwy89 Paper Goods line (2009-2019) inspired by those images of roadtrips and vacations  paired with a sense of humor. Gram style. While it might not make sense, it was from those two products that the RedCamper Picnic Supply emerged with the creation of our County Fair Award Winning Deliciousness; and the even newer Good Food Award winning Cherry Fig Mostarda and the Good Food Award winning Cocktail Cherries.  Perfect. Life's journey can be a twisting turning road of adventures. 

If there is anything this road trip has taught us, it's that you gotta have a sense of humor, a dedication to doing things right, a sense of adventure and a pocket knife. But don't forget to leave that at home when you fly. 

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