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Simple healthy breakfast

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This year we doubled down on our commitment to both eat better, and make better, food. This is a super quick and nutritious breakfast..or healthy dessert. Also, perhaps, our easiest recipe here. 


•Unsweetened* organic yogurt (full of probiotics and B12) - unsweetened is key here.
•a handful of fresh blueberries (antioxidants and fiber), strawberries, raspberries..heck..ANY fresh fruit works here
•another 1/2 handful of toasted sliced almonds (good fats and proteins)
•a small amount of Deliciousness  - for controlled sugar and flavor addition.

Absinthe Orange and Strawberry Limoncello are shown here. 🍊🍓☀️

*There is no reason to buy sweetened yogurt. Check the labels on sweetened or fruit yogurt and be astounded at how much added sugar there is. Sweeten it yourself with honey or Deliciousness and control that number.


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