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Winter Fruit Salad

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In the season of heavy foods and baked goods this is a nice dish to bring out at the beginning or end of a meal. It's a beautiful centerpiece that is light, refreshing, crisp and delicious. Adding the Pueblo Chile Peach gives it a little spicy zing. Tequila Jalapeño would work too. I obviously love fruits, and winter has some real awesome varieties to share. Apples and pears from the fall cooler and oranges, grapefruit, kumquats and pomegranates are vital fruits for winter. Gorgeous, fresh and bright. 

Winter Fruit Salad 

•4 pears - a mix of red, green and yellow varieties - Asian, Red Anjou, Bosc & Bartlett
•2 oranges -navel & blood are a good mix
•1 grapefruit - I love Ruby Reds
•1 lime
•a handful or two of Kumquats - usually these are sold in the terrible plastic clam shell boxes, hopefully you can find them without the box
•If you can't find kumquats, maybe you can find a Buddha's Hand which will work too. 
•2 or 3 apples - a mix of red and greens..I like Fuji, Honeycrisp and a Granny Smith
•1 pomegranate
•1/4 - 1/3 cup Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness or Tequila Jalapeño.
•tree trimmings for decorative purposes

This is a very simple recipe.

Cut up apples, pears, oranges and grapefruit in a variety of ways. Slices, cubes and rounds. Trim the rind off the oranges and grapefruit and 1/2 or 1/4 the slices. The goal here is a variety of textures and tastes and eating experience. Different shaped cuts add to the interest and immersion into the experience of this plate. 

Arrange all the fruit onto a platter with pears and apples at the bottom, and oranges and grapefruit at the top.  Half some kumquats, or slice up some buddhas hand (that sounds terrible, but it's for good eats) and scatter around the top of the pile. Zest the lime and sprinkle it around the top. Half the lime and squeeze the juice directly onto the fruit on the platter. Half the pomegranate, 1/4 one side and break out about 1/3 cup of seeds to place into the dish. The remainder of the pomegranate will be decoration. Take the Pueblo Chile Peach and warm it up for 20 seconds or so in the microwave to make it easier to pour over the fruit. Don't over cook, we already cooked it, all you have to do is make it nice and pourable. Pour that over the fruit. 

Last step is to dress up the platter. I like to go holiday festive and cut some tree trimmings and use it as decorative elements with some pomegranate and more kumquats, but get creative. Use whatever you like. 


I have made this approximately 14 times in the last year and it is always a hit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 


A platter of Winter Fruit Salad, pomegranate Kumquats pears grapefruit, Jam Glazed Fruit with Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness




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