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Chili Orange Duck Buns

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Chili Orange Duck Steamed Buns

 We made this for a special New Years Eve treat. Very, very easy dish that will make you look like a superstar, especially if you have an Asian Market nearby where you can pick up a roasted duck and some frozen buns. Even though we used the Absinthe Orange Deliciousness with this recipe, this sauce can be made with any of the flavors of Deliciousness just as easily and deliciously. Tequila Jalapeño would be a natural go to, but so would the Whiskey Peach, or Strawberry Limoncello.


•1/2 roasted duck (Asian Markets are a fantastic resource for this
•1 pack of frozen Asian Buns (again, Asian markets. Don't try to use the American rolls..the consistency is VERY different)

•6 TB Absinthe Orange Deliciousness (or your favorite flavor of Deliciousness)
•10 drops fish sauce
•1.5 tsp soy sauce
•1-2 tsp red chili sauce 

•1 sliced pepper - jalapeño, habañero, your choice
•1 finely chopped scallion

 Using a steamer, (or a microwave if you don't have a steamer, but it's a great tool to have, so pick one up at the Asian Market while you are getting the duck and the buns) heat the buns 15 min before you are ready to serve.

 While the buns are getting all hot and steamy, mix up your sauce. Literally take all 4 ingredients and mix it up. Set aside. Remove meat from roasted duck and either tear or chop into sizable pieces, figuring you will use 1-2 pieces per bun.

Take those buns off the burners.

We like to split them in half so they are not so big, but half or full, they are still delicious, so do what you want, we aren't your boss. BUT what you should do put a spoonful of sauce on the bun, top with the duck, garnish with the chopped scallions and a slice of chili pepper. Serve immediately. You want these babies piping hot.

Serve with your closest friends.

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