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Tequila Jalapeño:Jalapeños, organic sugar, non-gmo pectin, Suerte Tequila, Organic Lime, sea salt
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Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness Jam displayed on spoon, rich texture, small bits of jalapeño with seeds

Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness : Cheeseboard size

For the spicy jam folks..we don't disappoint. Heat AND flavor..imagine?! 

Watch comes the little brother to all these sweet sauces..our first pepper jam, Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness. He's kind of a bad ass, but also really kinda sweet, with a slow burn. Using fresh jalapeños (and yes 100% jalapeños, no green peppers) fresh organic limes and oranges, Boulder CO based Suerte Tequila, 100% organic cane sugar and non-gmo pectin and a tiny bit of sea salt we have created the perfect pepper jam. Sweet with a long slow burn. You are about to develop another addiction.

Ingredients: Jalapeños, fresh organic lime juice & zest, Boulder, CO based Suerte Tequila, pure organic cane sugar, non GMO pectin, fresh organic orange juice & sea salt.

Size: 9 oz
Nutrition Facts: Serving size 1 Tbs (21 g) Servings: 12, Amount per serving: Calories: 35, Total Fat 0%, Cholesterol 0%, Sodium 45mg (2% DV),  Total Carbs 9g (3% DV) Sugars 8g, Protein 0g

Some Pairing Suggestions...
BREAKFAST: Eggs Over Easy, Baked Bacon, Avocado Toast, Arepas   
APPETIZER: Cream Cheese and Crackers, Glazed Pork MeatballsWinter Fruit Salad 
ENTREES: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Tequila Jalapeño Ahi Poke 
DESSERTS: Chocolate Ice Cream, Flan Embellishment 
COCKTAILS: I-70 Sunset 

RedCamper Picnic Supply ... no picnic basket or glove compartment should be without.
•juice up your ice cream  •pour it on your pancakes  •lather up your toast  •rub it on your meat   •culture up your yogurt   •put it in your mixed drink  •eat it straight out of the jar


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