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Baked Bacon

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Bacon. Sure has had it it's moment in the spotlight lately. Bacon is one of those things most people can agree on. Even if you are vegetarian or vegan, ya'll still love bacon. Here is a recipe to make you bacon even better. Coat it up with some Tequila Jalapeño and suddenly you have a spicy candied meaty treat. 


Candied Baked Bacon
By a dude in the Valley View Dorm Kitchen. (we didn't make this up)

• bacon of either the swine kind or vegetarian, your choice 
• some Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness
• patience

Preheat the oven to 385 degrees F while you are getting the rest of your breakfast prepped. Plan on this taking about 35min. We know breakfast is all about timing. 

Place bacon on a baking sheet and bake in the oven uncovered for 15min. Drain grease, flip bacon and bake for another 15min. 


Glaze that bacon by brushing on some Deliciousness..your choice on flavor really, but the spicy sweet achieved by the Tequila Jalapeño is outstanding. Bake another 5min, remove from oven and dish up asap. 


Jam Glazed Bacon with Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness served with Eggs and Avocado and fair trade coffee

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