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Jar of Deliciousness handmade Jam Pueblo Chile Peach Preserves RedCamper Picnic Supply
RedCamper is Summertime Preserved, Picnics & Road trips. Small batch handmade jams, luxurious fresh fruits and spices, bottled
Deliciousness Preserves Pueblo Chile Peach displayed on spoon, rich texture with bits of peach and roasted Pueblo Colorado chiles

Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness : Cheeseboard size

Two of Colorado's best agricultural areas come together in one jar.  

Late summer/early fall days in Colorado are marked by the smells and sounds of crackling fire roasted green chilies from Pueblo Colorado's farmers (& Hatch, New Mexico) rolling about in hot black metal cages on nearly every street corner. We paired this state pride with the other state pride, Paonia peaches, for the perfect spicy sweet finish to summer. Our peaches are from our partners First Fruits and our chilies come from the renowned organic farms,Hobbs & Meyers Family Farm &  Milbergers farm. Paonia and Pueblo in one jar.  


*Paonia Colorado Peaches, *cane sugar, *roasted Pueblo green chile, non-gmo pectin, *lime juice, salt, almond extract*, vanilla bean*, cinnamon* *ORGANIC

Size: 9 oz – 12 servings of 1 Tb each 

Nutrition Facts: Serving size 1 Tbs (21 g) Servings: 12, Amount per serving: Calories: 50, Total Fat 0%, Sodium 20mg (1%DV),  Total Carbs 13g (5% DV) Sugars 12g (22%DV)

Some Pairing Suggestions...

Breakfast: Toast, Glazed Bacon, Simple Healthy Breakfast, Corn Cake Topping 
Appetizers: Glazed Pork Meatballs, Crab Rangoons, Cheese Board  
Entrees: Glazed Salmon, Pork Loin
Sides: Winter Fruit Salad, Nectarine & Blue Cheese Salad
Dessert: Ice Cream, Cheesecake Topping   


RedCamper Picnic Supply ... no picnic basket or glove compartment should be without.
•juice up your ice cream  •pour it on your pancakes  •lather up your toast  •rub it on your meat   •culture up your yogurt   •put it in your mixed drink  •eat it straight out of the jar