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Apricot Rosemary Żubrówka Deliciousness: Test Kitchen


Ready for winter but still sad to see summer go? We have you covered on both counts with this Test Kitchen flavor. Apricot Rosemary Żubrówka Deliciousness has the sunshine flavor of fresh Colorado apricots paired with the comforting warmth of rosemary and, just to make things more interesting, we added one of our favorite treasures from Poland, Żubrówka! What is Żubrówka you might ask? It is a Polish vodka infused with bison grass, giving it a flavor somewhere in between grass, vanilla and tobacco, it is delicious, trust us. 


Ingredients: *Colorado apricots, *cane sugar, *lemon juice, *rosemary, fairtrade vanilla,
non-GMO pectin, Żubrówka.