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Smokin' Hot Chocolate

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•4-8 Tablespoons Drinking Chocolate -we use Ritual Chocolate 
•2 cups milk or milk alternative
•2 tsp Chile Bourbon Cocktail syrup
•Whipping cream 
•2 Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

One of our simpler recipes.
Melt the drinking chocolate into the milk over medium heat, add the tsp of syrup into the milk and chocolate mixture. Heat slowly, stirring often. Top with whipped cream and rest a cherry into the billowy cloud of cream. Enjoy with a loved one. 


Whipped Cream recipe: 
Of course you can buy the canned whip but whipping cream is about the easiest thing you can do. Purchase a container of whipping cream and whip the cream with a chilled beater in a chilled bowl until it reaches the stiffness you prefer. I generally don't add any sugar as whatever I'm putting it on has enough sugar, but adding sugar will help the whip cream retain it's shape longer. Use confectioners sugar for best results as it has a small bit of cornstarch in it. 


hot chocolate

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