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Flouwer Co Flower and Herb Infused Crackers, thin luxury crackers with visible flowers and herbs baked inside Luxury Picnic Supplies

Flouwer Co Crackers

We met these gals in the early days of the Pandemic, 2020 when in a bind they reached out to see if we needed any crackers. Luckily we said yes. Because from first taste we were hooked. You may remember these from a pack we did with some other friends that sold out pretty quickly. 

These crackers are not just beautiful they are so delicious.  So light, so crisp, each bite different than the last due to characteristics of each herb and flower that are baked into these treats, topped with some cheese and some of our Deliciousness these crackers set the stage for a very special experience. Picnic in the park or dinner party in the dark every cheeseboard will shine with these luxurious beauties.

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