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Two stacked jars of Deliciousness Preserves Absinthe Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Limoncello and 4 jars of jam in background, Mostarda
Deliciousness 2 Pack - Box Set


Deliciousness 2 Pack - Box Set

One for each hand.....
Three is too many, but one isn't enough? Perfect for stocking stuffers, gift for the mailman or the foodie, or your great aunt or your sister in college or your dad or that guy you have a crush on or really anyone who eats food. Comes in a boxed set ready for the gift giving. 
Possible options:
  • Cherry Fig Mostarda
  • Colorado Whiskey Peach (seasonal, check stock)
  • Tequila Jalapeño
  • Absinthe Orange (seasonal, check stock)
  • Strawberry Limoncello
  • Campfire Apple Rum (seasonal, check stock)
  • Desert Blueberry Gin
  • Pueblo Chile Peach (seasonal, check stock)
  • Harvest Pear & Currant (seasonal, *sold out*)
  • Sweetwater Cranberry Compote (seasonal, check stock)

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