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Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherries: Proper Size
Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherries: Proper Size

Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherries: Proper Size

The spicier sister to our Bourbon Cocktail Cherries.

Meet our Bourbon Cocktail Cherries spicier little sister, the Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherry. She’s just as classy but with a bit more attitude.

These cherries have all the sweetness and richness of our original Bourbon Cocktail Cherries plus a complex flavor kick of spice. After some experimenting we have paired Chiltepin Peppers, the mother of all peppers, a beautiful fiery hot wild grown pepper from the southwestern US/Mexico, with Habanero Peppers, which are pure heat with tropical hints and rounded it out with the fiery smoke and citrus heat of Chile Pequin. Together these fiery and fruity peppers are the perfect compliment to our sweet, tart and oaky bourbon soaked cherries.

Just like our regular Bourbon Cocktail Cherries the Chile Cherries are also made of organic sour cherries from the Pacific Northwest that are slow cooked over a multi day process in very small batches with a combination of organic sugar, organic Guatemalan Cardamom, fair trade Madagascar grown organic vanilla, and premium top shelf heritage 4 grained bourbon. They are cocktail perfection. Rich, tart, sweet, aromatic and a perfect blend of fruit and spices from top tier growing regions of the world but with an additional kick in the pants with our trio of peppers. Oaxacan Old Fashioned anyone?

While the cherries steal the show, the smooth syrup they are packed in is its own delight. Our syrup, much like Pujol's 2000+ day Mole, is a generational syrup aged over 3 years now. We continually replenish this origin base, the Mother, while allowing for development of a spice laden thick and silky syrup.  It can be, and is most suggested, to be used as a drink mixer in itself. For both alcohol based and NA drinks. Truly, don't waste that syrup.

Also a Good Food Award Winner, 2023

De-stemmed & pitted.


Ingredients: Cane Sugar*, Sour Cherries*, Cherry Juice*, Laws Bourbon, Beet Juice*, Lemon Juice*, Fair Trade Vanilla Extract,  Cardamom*, Chiltepin Chile, Habanero Chile, Chile Piquin. *ORGANIC


Size: 9 oz – approximately 44 cherries 


RedCamper Picnic Supply ... no picnic basket or glove compartment should be without.

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