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Things to do when you are quarantined -Special Covid19 Edition Part 1

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Hello Covid-19 world.  Here we all are on lockdown now adays, confined to our houses with quick trips outside for dog walking or food gathering, hunkering down trying to be socially distant and still be connected. We get it. We are right there with you, scrolling through the Netflix list wondering what to watch. We are and have always been about getting OUT, traveling, experiencing, living, eating, and breathing other places. Now we are becoming very intimate with our kitchen and living room and back porch. It's confining I know, Guess what, Patrice put together 2 VERY LONG lists of things to occupy your time over the next ..who knows how long and they are awesome. Time to virtually travel. 

1)The first list, todays post, is a list of Virtual tours of National Parks around the US, NASA, Museums and places I still haven't been to like the Taj Mahal! 


2) This second list is in Part 2 - A crazy interesting list of outdoor and outdoor sports related movies that are available in streaming form online, list put together by Lianne Caron. 

*I took that photo of the Tetons up there at the top in May of 2018 on a trade show trip to Jackson...holy smokes is that mountain range STUNNING! 




  • Kenai Fjords National Park- Alaska 
      • Learn about an ecosystem that must of us will never see in person 
      • Check out the inside of a crevasse in Exit Glacier and then watch it recede over the years from 2004-2016
      • Kayak through icebergs in a glacier melt lagoon- Bear Glacier Lagoon
        • See a humpback whale breach 
        • Watch a glacier calve huge chunks of ice into a lagoon
        • Get a bird's eye view of Bear Glacier
        • Listen to icebergs underwater

  • Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park- Hawai’i 
      • Explore Nahuku Lava Tube
      • View land created by lava
      • Stand near the edge of the Halema’uma’u Crater- the summit of the Kilauea Volcano (still active). From here you can:
        • Watch a video of the volcano erupt from 1959
        • Fly over the top of the Crater
        • Watch a video of how the land has been shaped and transformed by lava
        • Listen to audio of the active volcano brewing

  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park- New Mexico 
      • Virtually Spelunk through mysterious, ancient caves 
        • Stand in the largest single cave chamber in north america- bigger than 6 football fields!
        • Explore hidden chambers within the cave system
        • Learn about the formation of the caves and how they got their magnificent textures. View some gigantic stalactites and stalagmites 
        • Trek down 60 ft below into the lower cave and take a headlight tour of an area that’s never seen natural light
      • Experience life as a bat and learn about their echolocation abilities

  • Bryce Canyon National Park- Utah 
      • Stargaze from one of the least light polluted spots in the country- view planets, constellations, and galaxies you’d likely never see from your back porch
      • Look out at the massive hoodoos in Navajo Loop. From here you can:
        • Learn how hoodoos are formed 
        • Take a virtual horseback tour around the canyon 
        • Listen to the morning wildlife 
        • Gaze up the canyon walls at Wall Street formation

  • Dry Tortugas National Park- Florida 
      • 99% of this NP is under water! Go on a diving tour through a coral reef (not the best visual quality)
      • Explore a shipwreck
      • Take a look around Fort Jefferson- the only above- water part of this National Park! From here you can:
        • Listen to audio of fish and coral chattering
        • Take a tour of the Fort and learn about it’s history

    •  you can visit google earth for more virtual tours here:
      • No park ranger guiding you through these tours, but still they’re still fun to click through.


    • The Louvre 
      • Petite Gallery
      • Egyptan antiquities
      • History of the Louvre/remains of the Louvre moat

  • National Museum of Anthropology- Mexico City 
      • Home to largest ancient mexican art collection

  • Picasso Museum courtyards  
      • 360-degree tour of some of the best-preserved Medieval architecture in Barcelona

  • NASA 
  • Langley Research Center 
  • Glenn Research Center 
  • AND there’s a mobile Augmented Reality tour of the Houston space center 

  • The Vatican museums (Including the sistine chapel!) 

  • LANDMARKS- Ok this site- Air Pano has high quality virtual tours of so many places. You could probably just direct people to their site in general. Below are a couple examples of the quality of the views

  • Taj Mahal
  • Stonehenge
  • Petra Jordan
  • covid19 national parks roadtrip virtual tour

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