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Road trip to Santa Fe!

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It's been a year of travel for us, and we don't want to stop. Lucky for us there are some great places to visit within driving range and we can block out the weekend, load up the car, pack a picnic basket and get outta town for a couple days but still be back on Monday.

This time we pointed the old Saab in the direction of Santa Fe to visit a friend, get a hike in, some hot spring time at the amazing Ojo Caliente, and of course... eat.  


A properly outfitted roadtrip includes snacks, music, magazines and a good friend. Especially if she will share driving. :)

Also, some Deliciousness. 

I was so blissed out by hours of soaking in mineral hot springs that the only photo I have is of the ceiling of the reception area. But those vegas! 

Remember, EVERY place has something interesting if you look long enough. One man's trash is another mans house. This gem is in Antonito, CO. Canos Castle. A castle built from aluminum cans, hubcaps, bottles and a whole lot of passion. 

After a day and half of desert, rocky landscapes, big skies and juniper trees, our skin and hearts were shocked by this vision of the mountains and agricultural fields in Nathrop. Goodness. 

Rain and snow?! What? Isn't it the end of May? 

While it was a shocker of a return it sure was a beautiful trip. Below is the route we took, which we highly recommend. Be sure to stop for coffee at Cafe What A Grind in the adorable town of Trinidad (formerly sex change capital of the world), do the Canyon Drive Art Walk, there are many studios worth seeing, and have dinner at La Choza in Santa Fe which has loads of vegetarian options  AND dinner at the very funky and cool Tesuque Village Market. Be sure you have a margarita here. Lordy.  You only need one though. That is for sure. 

Until we get back on the road again...

XO Maura g of RedCamper

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