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Uncle Mark 'has gone vegan' Chili

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Chili is one of the easiest, tastiest, and satisfying meals you can make. To demonstrate, we are using a super easy recipe, but you can add Deliciousness to just about any tried and true recipe already in your book.

•1 pound firm tofu cut into cubes or crumbled
•2 Tbsp oil of your choice
•1 15oz can each black, kidney and pinto beans - all 3
•1 28oz can diced tomatoes
•1 12-20oz jar of your favorite salsa
•2 diced jalapeños
•4 Tbsp Whiskey Peach Deliciousness
•1 tsp cumin
•1 tsp chili powder

•Non-dairy shredded cheese
•Radishes sliced thinly

Step one: Put the B side of Abbey Road on your boom box and turn it up. - Uncle Mark may have gone vegan but he still loves the classics.

Step two: Heat oil and lightly brown tofu with cumin and chili powder. Add tofu to a crockpot or a large pot on the stove. Add tomatoes, salsa and Whiskey Peach Deliciousness. When adding the beans, we like to use the juices of one of the cans, but drain the other two. This adds a little bit more starch to help thicken the chili. Lastly, add the jalapeños. We like it spicy, so just chop 'em up and throw them in, seeds, ribs and all. Let it cook on low heat til it's nice and bubbly, stirring occasionally to break up the beans a bit. If you're short on time, you can turn up the heat (medium for stove tops, high for crockpots) and cook for at least an hour, stirring more frequently. That's it. Like we said, easy but delicious.

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