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Flip Flops - an inspiration card


Flip Flops - an inspiration card

My dad is a badass. Seriously. He can chop wood with an axe, he can get a truck out of a mud pit, he can build a house with his own 2 hands, he can skin a tree, and yep..he hikes in flip flops. Right up the side of the mountain. He doesn't need a trail. Hell, he doesn't need shoes what would he need a trail for? But I know my dad isn't the only campfire bean making bad ass..I bet you know plenty of men (or women) that inspire you. Let em know with this one. 

Inside: you inspire me. 

Message on the inside with a detail of your old basement wood paneling across the bottom.

Comes packaged in an Eco clear compostable sleeve with a cream colored FSC, carbon neutral, green e-certified envelope.

Printed in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. 

All US Hwy 89 cards from RedCamper are 3.5"x5" in size.