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Too Short - a pet condolences card

We don't really like getting sappy over here. But when we wrote this card, and Too Fast, we were bawling our eyes out. Their little tiny lives ARE too short and too fast. This pups little face is just filled with eagerness over this walk, which in the end is just going to be way too short. Show someone you understand their buddy was more than just their "pet" and you agree, it was too short, their life.

Inside message: should be a lot longer. i'm sorry for your loss.

Message on the inside with a detail of your old basement wood paneling across the bottom.

Comes packaged in an Eco clear compostable sleeve with a cream colored FSC, carbon neutral, green e-certified envelope.

Printed in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. 

All US Hwy 89 cards from RedCamper are 3.5"x5" in size.