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Picnic Ware - Squirrel Tumbler

Picnic Ware - Squirrel Tumbler

As a prelude to the picnic bag we dream of, we have a real cute little durable enamel tumbler for picnics, camping, coffee or desk top water drinking. 

Squirrels have been a mascot of ours for quite some time..... Our first employee was a squirrel (ok..maybe he just got stuck in the office). A taxidermied squirrel was taken to the Stationery Show in NYC for our campsite booth, not knowing his belly was filled with worms (what a surprise that was). We had a short lived blog for the squirrel that featured squirrel approved photos. But most importantly, Deliciousness won't exist if it weren't for those rascals grabbing peaches by the fistful, taking single bites and and then throwing them to the ground while they reached for another.  These bushy tailed devil cats inspired Maura to learn to make jam to beat them to the punch and use those peaches before they were wasted. In that moment, in the early 2000's...Whiskey Peach Deliciousness was born. 

Now the red handed peach thief lives on in cute enamelware. 

Tumbler Specs:
•10 oz  - perfect for a cup of coffee, wine or cocktail
•3.75" tall, 3" wide
•white enamel with red rim and red screen printed logo
•dishwasher, campfire, oven, grill, roadtrip safe
•do not use in microwave. But who brings microwaves to a picnic anyway?