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Rudderless - a love card


Rudderless - a love card

We have all been there..adrift in a lake of one'ness and along comes a shining captain full of belly chuckles and chest hair, ready to sweep you up and rescue your floating boat from certain boredom. How is one to resist such adventure? This chap certainly couldn't. Looks like they are headed for the time of their lives. Don't judge. 

Inside message: ahoy! xo

Message on the inside with a detail of your old basement wood paneling across the bottom.

Comes packaged in an Eco clear compostable sleeve with a cream colored FSC, carbon neutral, green e-certified envelope.

Printed in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. 

All US Hwy 89 cards from RedCamper are 3.5"x5" in size.