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PB Love Hand-Crafted Stone-Ground Nut Butters, Cinnamon Almond, Salty Peanut, Classic Crunchy, Good Food Awards Winner Luxury Picnic Supplies

PB Love Nut Butters

When I say peanut butter you say... Deliciuosness Jam of course!
It only seems logical that we would carry small-batch, hand-made, premium nut butters right? These stone-ground, Good Foods Award Winning little treasures are just what your sandwiches, your apple slices, your celery sticks, your stir-fries, your cookies, your s'mores, your ice cream (must I got on?) and yes, your crackers have been begging for. 

PB Love is made right here in Denver, CO 
We offer 3 varieties:

-Salty Peanut
-Classic Crunchy
-Cinnamon Almond 

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