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Classic Tote - World Trip #574

We used to call these mixed bag of images "ala carte". Now we call them "World Trip". Whatever the name it features a fine collection of images from around the world from the 1940's to the 1970's. This bag features images of the great variances of nature. From soft sweeping landscapes of deserty dunes to snow encrusted trees. Beaches to lakes. With some stunning shots of Cholla Cactus. Apache Junction to Alpinia Salzburg.  

We had to make two passes on the sewing on one side of the we are knocking another $15 bucks off. 

The story:
The original totes are where RedCamper got this whole trip started. Gram and Lu's slideshows featuring far away places and the occasional naked lady sparked an about collections of slideshow worthy images fashioned together in road tested configurations so the show never ends? 6 years later, and many stories assembled, we are proud to continue to create the original inspiring line of the RedCamper Classic Totes. They aren't for everyone, but then why would you want that?

Under the hood:
•One of a kind experience. Every bag features authentic original slides that have not been duplicated. No two bags are alike.
•Size of - 7.5"h x 7.25"w x4.75"d -big enough to pack your wallet, keys,phone, lipstick and an apple. Everything you need.
•Road worthy double strength stitched and sealed vinyl
•Stainless steel hardware like your favorite truck stop silverware
•Soft rubber handles that are long enough to put over your shoulder and short enough to carry in your hand
•Road map bottom so you always know where you could be
•1 authentic RedCamper Naked lady slide - "how did that get in there?!"
•Bumper to Bumper warranty
•USA made
•Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a vintage postcard