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Colorado Bourbon Cherry Deliciousness  1.5oz - picnic & travel size - seasonal release

Colorado Bourbon Cherry Deliciousness 1.5oz - picnic & travel size - seasonal release

RedCamper Picnic Supply staple...No picnic basket or glove compartment should be without.

Our Colorado Bourbon Cherry Deliciousness is a rare bird, usually only seen in the month of July when the cherries are a boomin' here as we only use fresh Colorado Cherries. Get it while you can. THIS YEAR we are featuring a variety of bourbon producers from Colorado. Check the list below to see which batch features which different distillery.  

Batch 14: Laws Whiskey House
Batch 15 & 16: Leopold Brothers
Batch 17: Blank & Booth Benchcraft
Batch 18: Feisty Spirits

Featuring genuine Colorado Bing & Rainier Cherries, and bourbon from Colorado producers, fresh squeezed lime juice, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and almond extract, 100% cane sugar, and non GMO pectin. (because we believe our foods shouldn't be genetically modified) It's a simple list of ingredients, but it will make you drop to your knees it's that good. 


Don't dilly dally though, we don't have much. And what we do going fast.

Some Pairing Suggestions...
Breakfast: Vanilla Yogurt
Appetizers:  Baked Brie
Entrees: Lamb chops, Venison Roast, Duck tart w/Goat Cheese
Desserts: Vanilla Ice cream, Cheesecake topping
Cocktails: Manhattans

•juice up your ice cream  •pour it on your pancakes  •lather up your toast
  •rub it on your meat   •culture up your yogurt   •put it in your mixed drink  •eat it straight out of the jar                        
Ingredients: Paonia Colorado Bing & Ranier Cherries, Colorado bourbon, fresh Madagascar Vanilla bean, almond extract, pure cane sugar, fresh squeezed lime juice and non GMO pectin.
Size: 1.5 oz

The story of Deliciousness:
It all started with a backyard overflowing peach tree that begged for peach jamming. 10 years later, on a weekend road-trip to Paonia, Colorado, a hidden oasis of orchards, vineyards and grazing horses we accidentally found Colorado's best kept secret, the source of the most delicious peaches in the state. One year later, we came back with a borrowed truck, a dog, and a day to pick as many peaches as we could. We filled that truck bed with hundreds of pounds of peaches, ripe for the picking, cooked up 500 jars with that 10 year perfected recipe, and the best ingredients made, and were sold out within weeks. Looks like we aren't the only ones that like Deliciousness..
Read about the making of here.