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Colorado Makers Home Pack

Colorado Makers Home Pack

Need some new inspiration for long days and nights at home, need to send a housewarming gift? We paired up with our friends over at Moore Collection to create the 4th Colorado Makers Pack in the series. This one has a few items for the novice cook to start sharpening their skills and cleaning up the mess afterwards. Moore put together an adorable Cookbook that features not just one, but two of our recipes using Deliciousness and we have paired that up with the flavors of Deliciousness you need to make the recipes, Absinthe Orange and Strawberry Limoncello, along with one of Moores Desert Print tea towels and one of our old school Road Lead pencils to jot down a few of your favorite recipes in the blank area of the back of the cookbook.

Included in the pack:

Moore Collection: Barkin Family Mini Cookbook for Everyday Cooking
A 34 page hand illustrated cookbook featuring family recipes like Gene’s Meat Sauce, Tanners Gnocchi, Strawberry Basil Fields Forever, Orange Chocolate Flourless Cake and Pasta Dough.    

Moore Collection: The Cactus Printed Tea Towel
Designed and screen printed by Moore Collection this towel is 15”x25” and is SO CUTE. 

Strawberry Limoncello Deliciousness
Our most traditional flavor, but with kick. Pack comes with the 9oz jar. 

Absinthe Orange Deliciousness
Our take on an orange marmalade..but you are right, it’s not what your thinking. It’s better. 

RedCamper Road Lead Pencil
We made these years ago and we have just a few left. It’s a basic pencil, but with our name on it. So it’s better. ;)