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The Hostess Set
The Hostess Set

The Hostess Set

This gift set is perfect for the person who loves to create a beautiful shared meal experience for 2 or 20,  they love to build a table with multiple tastes and textures and want to present it with beautiful handmade dishes.  We paired 3 of our flavors, a hand printed tea towel and a couple small serving dishes sure to add a touch of understated class to their table. 

Set includes :
-Three Picnic sized (2.75oz) Deliciousness jars (your choice of flavors) 
-One small Olive or Salt Dish by Anne Carnevale 
-One small Serving Ceramic Spoon by Anne Carnevale (we love to use these to dish out Deliciousness)
-All wrapped up in a super cute hand printed, cotton tea towel made by Moore Collection. (your choice of print)