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Colorado Makers Snack Pack

Colorado Makers Snack Pack

Ever wish you had an easy-to-carry Snack Pack? Well, we have one. Two. This Colorado Makers Pack, the 5th in the series of combined packs of items from friends in the industry, is a super limited edition. We only have two. Get one while you can. This easy to tote Dopp Kit from Winter Session has been repurposed for picnic pleasure. We snatched up two kits from our pals, one blue, and one burgundy, and filled them with 3 flavors (your choice) of our Deliciousness and one sexy cheese knife. There is still ample room left in the pack for some cheese, a small board, crackers and other necessary picnic goodies. 

If you don't know Winter Session, well..head over to their site for not just amazing bags, wallets and rolls, but they also are busy making masks in this wild time.   

Make a note in the Notes section of which flavors you would like.