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Colorado Makers Happy Hour Pack

Our 3rd Colorado Makers Pack in the series combines a few items to make a delicious late afternoon, evening, or any damn time you please, happy hour spread. Our intentions for this pack are to provide some relief from worry, and a sacred moment of stillness or if you wish, a shared moment of recentering. Included in this pack are some light eats and some cocktail essentials. We paired up our Good Food award winning Cherry Fig Mostarda and our Test Kitchen Bourbon Cherries with Dram's Palo Santo Herbal Bitters and Flouwer Co's Artisanal Crackers. All you need to add is some spreadables, spirits, or bubbly water, and a place and space to relax in the sunshine. To help you with some ideas, we have posted a couple recipes to get you started. A Bourbon Cherry Bite and Summertime in the Pines cocktail

Included in the pack:

Dram Apothecary Palo Santo Colorado Herbal Bitters. 
Sustainably made in Salida, Colorado from fallen branches and sticks from a single source farm, Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood", originates from Central and South America and is traditionally used for medicinal and ritual purification. These bitters are non alcoholic, made from glycerine, water, palo santo wood, vanilla bean, anise seed and gentian root. All herbs are wild or organic.  

Flouwer Co Artisanal Crackers
Made in Lakewood, Colorado are light, crisp, beautiful crackers made with edible flowers and herbs and are perfect platforms for cheese, hummus, nut butters, our Mostarda anything you please.  Made from unbleached enriched wheat flower, water, sugar, sea salt, brown rice flower, edible flowers and assorted garden herbs. 

Our Good Food Award winning Mostarda is a blend of organic sour cherries and figs and loads of spices simmered slowly for hours in hard cider. It is our go to for charcuterie or spreadables. Sweet, spicy, chunky and hearty this single 9oz jar will last quite some time as a little bit goes a long way. 

Our Bourbon Cocktail Cherries, our first foray into garnishes, are slightly candied and steeped in Laws Whiskey, sugar, cardamom, vanilla and lemon juice. The cherries are meant for topping drinks or desserts, but the syrup shouldn't be dismissed. Mix into cocktails or drizzle over icecream.