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3 Pack Care Pack

This collection of 3 of your flavor choice on our larger 9oz jars is a step up from our 2 packs, allowing a bit more variety for a couple or small family or jam aficionado. We also have several flavors in the 9oz size that are not available in the smaller size.   

Choose 3 from the following list of available flavors: 

Absinthe Orange Deliciousness
Colo. Whiskey Peach Deliciousness
Strawberry Limoncello Deliciousness
Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness
Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness
Campfire Apple Rum Deliciousness
Desert Blueberry Gin Deliciousness
Harvest Pear & Currant Deliciousness
Cherry Fig Mostarda 
Sweetwater Cranberry Compote

We can also hand write a postcard to the recipient, just add this information in the notes section when ordering. 

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